6 Basic Beats, by Barney Arathoon,

By this point I expect you’re getting a bit bored. Eyelids drooping, sticks slipping from idle hands. But hopefully Four on the Floor has been tattooed into the back of your skull. You need to be at the point where you can sit down at your kit and play the rhythm without even thinking about it. Because once you’re there then you can move on to getting creative. The following exercise is supposed to show you how easy it is to become quickly independent when drumming, and how you can develop your own style with very little technical knowledge. We will be exploring the beats that come straight from Four on the Floor, and how flexible and malleable they are.

The double bass beat is very similar to Four on the Floor. In fact it’s exactly the same, apart from one beat. So sit down, get the count in your head and start thumping out Four on the Floor.

1. Once you have the Four on the Floor beat going steady, we can start sliding in the extra bass drum thump.
2. You should have the count going in your head: 1...+...2...+...3...+...4...+...
3. As usual, hi-hat on every number and ‘+’, bass on 1 and 3, snare on 2 and 4.
4. Now, put another bass drum beat on the first ‘+’ after the 1 and the 3 with the hi-hat.
5. So now it should sound like, thoom...thoom...tang...tic...thoom...thoom...tang...tic...

This beat sounds particularly good if you mix it with Four on the Floor, half a bar of each (a bar is a single count of the 1-4 rhythm you have going in your head). So you play half a bar with just the single bass drum, and then half a bar of the double, and then repeat. It sounds like this: thoom...tic...tang...tic...thoom...thoom...tang...tic...